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Horpala" appears as a place name in the writings, at the time of the year 1067. Later it becomes "Horpmala", "Orpmael", "Horpmael" and finally "Horpmaal".


Horpmaal is located in dry Haspengouw at an altitude of 79,93 m (church door). The name 'Horpmaal' finds its origin in a composition of 2 Latin words, namely "horrei pallus", which means "house on stilts in the swamp". It is an indication of a building (castle) on stilts with a bridge over the water, located along the route of the Roman road from Tongres to Gembloux.


Another derivation of Horpala would be from the Germanic words "hurwa" meaning mud and "malho" meaning depression. (Source:; Heers and its 12 parishes)

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