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Cities and municipalities nearby

Countryside Heers- so wonderfully peaceful.


Horpmaal is a subdivision of Heers. Here you pick the days as you wish. Enjoy the breathing space, explore the fruity landscapes (discover them here!), unravel the whirling past and let yourself be embraced by the genuine hospitality.


Every season here has its unique charms. From the seas of blossom in spring to the colourful harvests. From the golden summer sun over atmospheric autumn leaves to snow as white as snow.


Borgloon is a municipality next to Heers, only a 5-minute drive from our B&B.


Where past and present cross paths.

Where art forms a unity with nature.

Where a sea of blossoms turns into a fruit garden.

A town where people give you a warm welcome.

Borgworm is located 10 minutes away from our B&B. When you cross the language border only a couple of minutes from our B&B, you will find yourself in the French-speaking part of Belgium.


Waremme, an old town of the Principality of Liege, is a city attached to its past, to its great and small history: that which is passed on from generation to generation, which tells the life of its people.


Tongeren is a beautiful historical town, located 15 minutes by car from our B&B.


Tongeren developed from a Roman army camp into a Gallo-Roman settlement. Before the Romans invaded in the 1st century B.C., the area around the city was inhabited by the Eburones.


During the Roman presence Tongeren grew into an important city. The traces from the Roman era take up a very large part of the city. They form the largest continuous archaeological complex of the Low Countries.

Sint-Truiden is located at a 20-minute drive from our B&B and has various sights to fill a day trip with.


Sint-Truiden is the perfect place for a day out. Fruit and heritage are our trademarks, atmosphere and cosiness our trump cards. Enjoy a nice drink on one of the cosy terraces after a firm walk or bike ride through our unique landscape.

Be amazed by the beautiful churches, the imposing abbey and the picturesque chapels. And don't forget to discover the renovated Green Market, with its bustling fountains.


Hasselt is the most famous city in Limburg and is only a 30-minute drive from our B&B.



In Hasselt, there is something to discover behind every corner: stroll through the shopping streets, marvel at the street art and be surprised by the hidden alleys. Looking for an instant holiday feeling? Then be sure to visit the Blauwe Boulevard - the brand-new city district by the water.

Liège is 30 minutes' drive from our B&B and is also called the 'Cité ardente' because of its cultural abundance and warm, festive atmosphere.


Liège, a city accessible for everyone, young and old!

Discover the easy and fun routes to visit the city centre, stroll along the Meuse river or go on an epic treasure hunt on the slopes of the citadel... the possibilities are endless! the possibilities are endless!

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