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Relance plan Heers

Have you always wanted to save money when you go on holiday? Then this tourist voucher is ideal for you!  From 1 June 2021, you can buy vouchers online at or at the reception desk in the town hall to spend at our local traders. You can either use these vouchers yourself or give them as gifts to family, friends or acquaintances. Or who knows, offer them as a business gift?

Currently, two types of vouchers can be purchased: a general gift voucher of which you can determine the value yourself (up to a maximum of €250) and which can be spent at a trader of your choice or a €25 voucher from one of our special categories, which can only be spent at the traders belonging to this category. All vouchers, including the general gift voucher, can be purchased in instalments, so you don't have to buy them all at once.


With every purchase of a relance voucher from one of the categories below, the municipality will give you a surplus voucher of 5 euros!


You can choose from the following categories:

"Jetten en dreinken" (eating and drinking): cafés, restaurants, brasseries,...

"Oechzelf verwinnen" (pampering): hairdressers, beauty salons, massage parlours, saunas,...

"Iet goet van hei" (good things from here): butchers, bakers, wine merchants, ice cream parlours,...

"De moed" (the courage) clothing and shoe shops

"A little bit of everything": florists, supermarkets, drinks centres, decoration, etc.

"Toeres op congé" (tourism): B&Bs and staycation tourism

In order to give everyone the opportunity to make use of this action, it was decided that everyone can buy from each category for a maximum of 100 euros. Our B&B belongs to the "Toeres op congé" category, so after your stay you can use these vouchers as a means of payment. Buy your vouchers quickly and get a surplus of 5 euros per voucher from our municipality!

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